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stabilization_indi.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  ReferenceSystem
struct  IndiFilter
struct  IndiEstimation
struct  IndiVariables


void stabilization_indi_init (void)
void stabilization_indi_enter (void)
void stabilization_indi_set_failsafe_setpoint (void)
void stabilization_indi_set_rpy_setpoint_i (struct Int32Eulers *rpy)
void stabilization_indi_set_earth_cmd_i (struct Int32Vect2 *cmd, int32_t heading)
void stabilization_indi_run (bool enable_integrator, bool rate_control)
void stabilization_indi_read_rc (bool in_flight, bool in_carefree, bool coordinated_turn)


struct Int32Quat stab_att_sp_quat
 with INT32_QUAT_FRAC More...
struct Int32Eulers stab_att_sp_euler
 with INT32_ANGLE_FRAC More...
struct IndiVariables indi

Data Structure Documentation

struct ReferenceSystem

Definition at line 42 of file stabilization_indi.h.

Data Fields
float err_p
float err_q
float err_r
float rate_p
float rate_q
float rate_r
struct IndiFilter

Definition at line 51 of file stabilization_indi.h.

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Data Fields
struct FloatRates ddx
struct FloatRates dx
float omega
float omega2
float omega2_r
float omega_r
struct FloatRates x
float zeta
struct IndiEstimation

Definition at line 63 of file stabilization_indi.h.

+ Collaboration diagram for IndiEstimation:
Data Fields
struct FloatRates g1
float g2
float mu
struct IndiFilter rate
struct IndiFilter u
struct IndiVariables

Definition at line 71 of file stabilization_indi.h.

+ Collaboration diagram for IndiVariables:
Data Fields
bool adaptive Enable adataptive estimation.
struct FloatRates angular_accel_ref
float attitude_max_yaw_rate Maximum yaw rate in atttiude control in rad/s.
struct FloatRates du
struct IndiEstimation est Estimation parameters for adaptive INDI.
struct FloatRates g1
float g2
float max_rate Maximum rate in rate control in rad/s.
struct IndiFilter rate
struct ReferenceSystem reference_acceleration
struct IndiFilter u
struct FloatRates u_act_dyn
struct FloatRates u_in

Function Documentation

void stabilization_indi_read_rc ( bool  in_flight,
bool  in_carefree,
bool  coordinated_turn 

Definition at line 321 of file stabilization_indi.c.

References QUAT_BFP_OF_REAL, stab_att_sp_quat, stabilization_attitude_read_rc_setpoint_quat_earth_bound_f(), and stabilization_attitude_read_rc_setpoint_quat_f().

Referenced by stabilization_attitude_read_rc().

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void stabilization_indi_run ( bool  enable_integrator,
bool  rate_control 
void stabilization_indi_set_earth_cmd_i ( struct Int32Vect2 cmd,
int32_t  heading 
void stabilization_indi_set_failsafe_setpoint ( void  )

Definition at line 173 of file stabilization_indi.c.

References PPRZ_ITRIG_COS, PPRZ_ITRIG_SIN, Int32Quat::qi, Int32Quat::qx, Int32Quat::qy, Int32Quat::qz, stab_att_sp_quat, and stabilization_attitude_get_heading_i().

Referenced by stabilization_attitude_set_failsafe_setpoint().

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void stabilization_indi_set_rpy_setpoint_i ( struct Int32Eulers rpy)

Definition at line 183 of file stabilization_indi.c.

References quat_from_rpy_cmd_i(), stab_att_sp_euler, and stab_att_sp_quat.

Referenced by stabilization_attitude_set_rpy_setpoint_i().

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Variable Documentation

struct IndiVariables indi

Definition at line 88 of file stabilization_indi.c.