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rtp.h File Reference

Encodes a vide stream with RTP (JPEG) More...

#include "std.h"
#include "lib/vision/image.h"
#include "udp_socket.h"
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void rtp_frame_send (struct UdpSocket *udp, struct image_t *img, uint8_t format_code, uint8_t quality_code, uint8_t has_dri_header, uint32_t delta_t)
 Send an RTP frame. More...
void rtp_frame_test (struct UdpSocket *udp)
 Send a test RTP frame. More...

Detailed Description

Encodes a vide stream with RTP (JPEG)

Definition in file rtp.h.

Function Documentation

void rtp_frame_send ( struct UdpSocket udp,
struct image_t img,
uint8_t  format_code,
uint8_t  quality_code,
uint8_t  has_dri_header,
uint32_t  delta_t 

Send an RTP frame.

[in]*udpThe UDP connection to send the frame over
[in]*imgThe image to send over the RTP connection
[in]format_code0 for YUV422 and 1 for YUV421
[in]quality_codeThe JPEG encoding quality
[in]has_dri_headerWhether we have an DRI header or not
[in]delta_tTime between images (if set to 0 or less it is calculated)

Definition at line 97 of file rtp.c.

References image_t::buf, image_t::buf_size, image_t::h, MAX_PACKET_SIZE, offset, rtp_packet_send(), and image_t::w.

Referenced by bebop_front_camera_thread(), and viewvideo_function().

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void rtp_frame_test ( struct UdpSocket udp)

Send a test RTP frame.

[in]*udpThe udp connection to send the test frame over

Definition at line 67 of file rtp.c.

References JpegScanDataCh2A, JpegScanDataCh2B, KJpegCh2ScanDataLen, and rtp_packet_send().

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