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opticflow_module.h File Reference

optical-flow calculation for Parrot Drones More...

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void opticflow_module_init (void)
 Initialize the optical flow module for the bottom camera. More...
void opticflow_module_run (void)
 Update the optical flow state for the calculation thread and update the stabilization loops with the newest result. More...
void opticflow_module_start (void)
void opticflow_module_stop (void)


struct opticflow_t opticflow
 Opticflow calculations. More...

Detailed Description

optical-flow calculation for Parrot Drones

Definition in file opticflow_module.h.

Function Documentation

void opticflow_module_init ( void  )

Initialize the optical flow module for the bottom camera.

Definition at line 91 of file opticflow_module.c.

References opticflow_state_t::agl, cv_add_to_device(), DefaultPeriodic, FLOAT_RATES_ZERO, opticflow_agl_cb(), OPTICFLOW_AGL_ID, opticflow_module_calc(), opticflow_state, opticflow_telem_send(), opticflow_state_t::rates, and register_periodic_telemetry().

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void opticflow_module_run ( void  )
void opticflow_module_start ( void  )
void opticflow_module_stop ( void  )

Variable Documentation

struct opticflow_t opticflow

Opticflow calculations.

Definition at line 54 of file opticflow_module.c.

Referenced by opticflow_module_calc().