Paparazzi UAS  v5.10_stable-5-g83a0da5-dirty
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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1 #ifndef NPS_SENSORS_H
2 #define NPS_SENSORS_H
4 #include "math/pprz_algebra.h"
5 #include "nps_sensor_gyro.h"
6 #include "nps_sensor_accel.h"
7 #include "nps_sensor_mag.h"
8 #include "nps_sensor_baro.h"
9 #include "nps_sensor_gps.h"
10 #include "nps_sensor_sonar.h"
11 #include "nps_sensor_airspeed.h"
12 #include "nps_sensor_temperature.h"
14 struct NpsSensors {
18  struct NpsSensorMag mag;
20  struct NpsSensorGps gps;
24 };
26 extern struct NpsSensors sensors;
28 extern void nps_sensors_init(double time);
29 extern void nps_sensors_run_step(double time);
31 extern bool nps_sensors_gyro_available();
32 extern bool nps_sensors_mag_available();
33 extern bool nps_sensors_baro_available();
34 extern bool nps_sensors_gps_available();
35 extern bool nps_sensors_sonar_available();
36 extern bool nps_sensors_airspeed_available();
40 #endif /* NPS_SENSORS_H */
void nps_sensors_init(double time)
Definition: nps_sensors.c:8
struct NpsSensorAccel accel
Definition: nps_sensors.h:17
bool nps_sensors_mag_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:49
bool nps_sensors_gps_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:67
Simulated airspeed for NPS simulator.
struct NpsSensorBaro baro
Definition: nps_sensors.h:19
struct NpsSensorGyro gyro
Definition: nps_sensors.h:16
struct DoubleRMat body_to_imu_rmat
Definition: nps_sensors.h:15
bool nps_sensors_sonar_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:76
struct NpsSensorSonar sonar
Definition: nps_sensors.h:21
Paparazzi generic algebra macros.
Simulated sonar for NPS simulator.
struct NpsSensors sensors
Definition: nps_sensors.c:6
bool nps_sensors_gyro_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:40
rotation matrix
void nps_sensors_run_step(double time)
Definition: nps_sensors.c:27
bool nps_sensors_airspeed_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:85
bool nps_sensors_baro_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:58
struct NpsSensorAirspeed airspeed
Definition: nps_sensors.h:22
struct NpsSensorTemperature temp
Definition: nps_sensors.h:23
struct NpsSensorMag mag
Definition: nps_sensors.h:18
struct NpsSensorGps gps
Definition: nps_sensors.h:20
bool nps_sensors_temperature_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:94