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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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link_mcu_spi.c File Reference
#include "link_mcu_spi.h"
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#define LINK_MCU_SPI_DEV   spi1
#define PAYLOAD_LENGTH   sizeof(link_mcu_from_fbw_msg.payload)
#define LINK_MCU_FRAME_LENGTH   sizeof(struct link_mcu_msg)
#define ComputeChecksum(_buf)


struct link_mcu_msg link_mcu_from_ap_msg
struct link_mcu_msg link_mcu_from_fbw_msg
struct spi_transaction link_mcu_trans
bool link_mcu_received
static uint16_t crc = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ComputeChecksum (   _buf)
{ \
for(i = 0; i < PAYLOAD_LENGTH; i++) { \
uint8_t _byte = ((uint8_t*)&_buf)[i]; \
crc = CrcUpdate(crc, _byte); \
} \
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: types.h:14

Definition at line 41 of file link_mcu_spi.c.

#define LINK_MCU_FRAME_LENGTH   sizeof(struct link_mcu_msg)

Definition at line 39 of file link_mcu_spi.c.

#define LINK_MCU_SPI_DEV   spi1

Definition at line 26 of file link_mcu_spi.c.

#define PAYLOAD_LENGTH   sizeof(link_mcu_from_fbw_msg.payload)

Definition at line 38 of file link_mcu_spi.c.

Variable Documentation

struct link_mcu_msg link_mcu_from_ap_msg

Definition at line 29 of file link_mcu_spi.c.

struct link_mcu_msg link_mcu_from_fbw_msg

Definition at line 30 of file link_mcu_spi.c.

bool link_mcu_received

Definition at line 34 of file link_mcu_spi.c.

struct spi_transaction link_mcu_trans

Definition at line 32 of file link_mcu_spi.c.