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fast_rosten.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "lib/vision/image.h"
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void fast9_detect (struct image_t *img, uint8_t threshold, uint16_t min_dist, uint16_t x_padding, uint16_t y_padding, uint16_t *num_corners, uint16_t *ret_corners_length, struct point_t *ret_corners)
 Do a FAST9 corner detection. More...

Function Documentation

void fast9_detect ( struct image_t img,
uint8_t  threshold,
uint16_t  min_dist,
uint16_t  x_padding,
uint16_t  y_padding,
uint16_t num_corners,
uint16_t ret_corners_length,
struct point_t ret_corners 

Do a FAST9 corner detection.

The array *ret_corners can be reallocated in this function every time it becomes too full, *ret_corners_length is updated appropriately.

[in]*imgThe image to do the corner detection on
[in]thresholdThe threshold which we use for FAST9
[in]min_distThe minimum distance in pixels between detections
[in]x_paddingThe padding in the x direction to not scan for corners
[in]y_paddingThe padding in the y direction to not scan for corners
[in]*num_cornersreference to the amount of corners found, set by this function
[in]*ret_corners_lengththe length of the array *ret_corners.
[in]*ret_cornersarray which contains the corners that were detected.

Definition at line 51 of file fast_rosten.c.

References image_t::buf, fast_make_offsets(), image_t::h, IMAGE_YUV422, p, image_t::type, image_t::w, point_t::x, and point_t::y.

Referenced by calc_fast9_lukas_kanade().

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