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blob_finder.h File Reference

Parse UYVY images and make a list of blobs of connected pixels. More...

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Data Structures

struct  image_filter_t
struct  image_label_t


void image_labeling (struct image_t *input, struct image_t *output, struct image_filter_t *filters, uint8_t filters_cnt, struct image_label_t *labels, uint16_t *labels_count)

Detailed Description

Parse UYVY images and make a list of blobs of connected pixels.

Definition in file blob_finder.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct image_filter_t

Definition at line 33 of file blob_finder.h.

Data Fields
uint8_t u_max
uint8_t u_min
uint8_t v_max
uint8_t v_min
uint8_t y_max
uint8_t y_min YUV color filter.
struct image_label_t

Definition at line 43 of file blob_finder.h.

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Data Fields
struct point_t contour[512]
uint16_t contour_cnt
uint16_t corners[4]
uint8_t filter Which filter triggered this blob.
uint16_t id Blob number.
uint16_t pixel_cnt Number of pixels in the blob.
uint16_t x_min Top left corner.
uint32_t x_sum Sum of all x coordinates (used to find center of gravity)
uint16_t y_min
uint32_t y_sum

Function Documentation

void image_labeling ( struct image_t input,
struct image_t output,
struct image_filter_t filters,
uint8_t  filters_cnt,
struct image_label_t labels,
uint16_t labels_count 

Definition at line 33 of file blob_finder.c.

References image_t::buf, image_label_t::filter, image_t::h, image_label_t::id, if(), p, image_label_t::pixel_cnt, v_max, v_min, image_t::w, image_label_t::x_min, image_label_t::x_sum, image_label_t::y_min, and image_label_t::y_sum.

Referenced by cv_blob_locator_func().

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