Paparazzi UAS  v5.10_stable-5-g83a0da5-dirty
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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6 #include "generated/airframe.h"
7 #include "state.h"
9 // Arduimu empty implementation
20 // Updates from Ocaml sim
21 extern float sim_phi;
22 extern float sim_theta;
23 extern float sim_p;
24 extern float sim_q;
25 extern float sim_r;
27 void ArduIMU_init(void) {}
28 void ArduIMU_periodic(void)
29 {
30  // Feed directly the estimator
31  struct FloatEulers att = {
34  0.
35  };
37  struct FloatRates rates = { sim_p, sim_q, sim_r };
38  stateSetBodyRates_f(&rates);
39 }
40 void ArduIMU_periodicGPS(void) {}
41 void ArduIMU_event(void) {}
static void stateSetNedToBodyEulers_f(struct FloatEulers *ned_to_body_eulers)
Set vehicle body attitude from euler angles (float).
Definition: state.h:1087
float sim_q
in radians/s
Definition: sim_ahrs.c:16
float sim_phi
in radians
Definition: sim_ahrs.c:12
struct FloatVect3 arduimu_accel
struct FloatEulers arduimu_eulers
ArduIMU simulation.
void ArduIMU_init(void)
euler angles
struct FloatRates arduimu_rates
float sim_p
in radians/s
Definition: sim_ahrs.c:15
bool arduimu_calibrate_neutrals
float ins_roll_neutral
void ArduIMU_periodic(void)
void ArduIMU_periodicGPS(void)
API to get/set the generic vehicle states.
float sim_theta
in radians
Definition: sim_ahrs.c:13
float ins_pitch_neutral
static void stateSetBodyRates_f(struct FloatRates *body_rate)
Set vehicle body angular rate (float).
Definition: state.h:1163
void ArduIMU_event(void)
angular rates
float sim_r
in radians/s
Definition: sim_ahrs.c:17