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sys_mon_rtos.h File Reference

System monitoring for RTOS targets return cpu load, average exec time, ... More...

#include "core/sys_mon.h"
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Data Structures

struct  rtos_monitoring


#define RTOS_MON_NAME_LEN   5


void rtos_mon_init_arch (void)
void rtos_mon_periodic_arch (void)


struct rtos_monitoring rtos_mon

Detailed Description

System monitoring for RTOS targets return cpu load, average exec time, ...

Definition in file sys_mon_rtos.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct rtos_monitoring

Definition at line 46 of file sys_mon_rtos.h.

Data Fields
uint32_t core_free_memory core free memory in bytes
uint8_t cpu_load global CPU/MCU load in %
float cpu_time
uint32_t heap_fragments Number of fragments in the heap.
uint32_t heap_free_memory Total fragmented free memory in the heap.
uint32_t heap_largest Largest free block in the heap.
uint8_t thread_counter number of threads
uint16_t thread_free_stack[RTOS_MON_MAX_THREADS] individual thread free stack in bytes
uint16_t thread_load[RTOS_MON_MAX_THREADS] individual thread load in centi-percent (10*%)
uint8_t thread_name_idx length of the string in thread_names buffer
char thread_names[RTOS_MON_THREAD_NAMES+1] string of thread names / identifiers

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 36 of file sys_mon_rtos.h.

Referenced by rtos_mon_periodic_arch().

#define RTOS_MON_NAME_LEN   5

Definition at line 40 of file sys_mon_rtos.h.

Referenced by rtos_mon_periodic_arch().


Definition at line 43 of file sys_mon_rtos.h.

Function Documentation

void rtos_mon_init_arch ( void  )

Definition at line 39 of file rtos_mon_arch.c.

References idle_counter, and last_idle_counter.

Referenced by init_sysmon().

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Variable Documentation

struct rtos_monitoring rtos_mon

Definition at line 30 of file rtos_mon.c.

Referenced by init_sysmon(), periodic_report_sysmon(), and rtos_mon_periodic_arch().