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gvf_sin.h File Reference

Guidance algorithm based on vector fields 2D sinusoidal trajectory. More...

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Data Structures

struct  gvf_s_par


void gvf_sin_info (float *phi, struct gvf_grad *, struct gvf_Hess *)


gvf_s_par gvf_sin_par

Detailed Description

Guidance algorithm based on vector fields 2D sinusoidal trajectory.

Definition in file gvf_sin.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct gvf_s_par

Definition at line 43 of file gvf_sin.h.

Data Fields
float A
float alpha
float ke
float kn
float off
float w

Function Documentation

void gvf_sin_info ( float *  phi,
struct gvf_grad ,
struct gvf_Hess  

Definition at line 69 of file gvf_sin.c.

References A, alpha, gvf_trajectory, gvf_Hess::H11, gvf_Hess::H12, gvf_Hess::H21, gvf_Hess::H22, gvf_grad::nx, gvf_grad::ny, gvf_tra::p, p, stateGetPositionEnu_f(), EnuCoor_f::x, and EnuCoor_f::y.

Referenced by gvf_sin_XY_alpha().

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Variable Documentation

gvf_s_par gvf_sin_par

Definition at line 64 of file gvf_sin.c.

Referenced by gvf_sin_XY_alpha().