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state.c File Reference

General interface for the main vehicle states. More...

#include "state.h"
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void stateInit (void)
void stateCalcPositionEcef_i (void)
void stateCalcPositionNed_i (void)
void stateCalcPositionEnu_i (void)
void stateCalcPositionLla_i (void)
 Calculate LLA (int) from any other available representation. More...
void stateCalcPositionUtm_f (void)
void stateCalcPositionEcef_f (void)
void stateCalcPositionNed_f (void)
void stateCalcPositionEnu_f (void)
void stateCalcPositionLla_f (void)
void stateCalcSpeedNed_i (void)
void stateCalcSpeedEnu_i (void)
void stateCalcSpeedEcef_i (void)
void stateCalcHorizontalSpeedNorm_i (void)
void stateCalcHorizontalSpeedDir_i (void)
void stateCalcSpeedNed_f (void)
void stateCalcSpeedEnu_f (void)
void stateCalcSpeedEcef_f (void)
void stateCalcHorizontalSpeedNorm_f (void)
void stateCalcHorizontalSpeedDir_f (void)
void stateCalcAccelNed_i (void)
void stateCalcAccelEcef_i (void)
void stateCalcAccelNed_f (void)
void stateCalcAccelEcef_f (void)
void stateCalcBodyRates_i (void)
void stateCalcBodyRates_f (void)
void stateCalcHorizontalWindspeed_i (void)
void stateCalcVerticalWindspeed_i (void)
void stateCalcAirspeed_i (void)
void stateCalcHorizontalWindspeed_f (void)
void stateCalcVerticalWindspeed_f (void)
void stateCalcAirspeed_f (void)


struct State state

Detailed Description

General interface for the main vehicle states.

This file contains the functions to automatically convert between the different representations. They should normally not be used directly and instead the stateGet/Set interfaces used. Also see the State Interface page.

Felix Ruess

Definition in file state.c.