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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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servos_nil.h File Reference

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#define SERVOS_TICS_OF_USEC(s)   cpu_ticks_of_usec(s)
#define ChopServo(x, a, b)   Chop(x, a, b)
#define Actuator(i)   actuators[i]
#define ActuatorsCommit()   {}

Macro Definition Documentation

#define Actuator (   i)    actuators[i]

Definition at line 6 of file servos_nil.h.

#define ActuatorsCommit ( )    {}

Definition at line 7 of file servos_nil.h.

#define ChopServo (   x,
)    Chop(x, a, b)

Definition at line 5 of file servos_nil.h.

#define SERVOS_TICS_OF_USEC (   s)    cpu_ticks_of_usec(s)

Definition at line 4 of file servos_nil.h.