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photogrammetry_calculator.h File Reference

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#include "std.h"
#include "paparazzi.h"
#include "modules/nav/nav_survey_poly_osam.h"
#include "modules/nav/nav_survey_polygon.h"
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#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateSideLap(X)
#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateOverLap(X)
#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateResolution(X)
#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateHeight(X)
#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateSideStep(X)
#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateTriggerStep(X)
#define PhotogrammetryCalculatorPolygonSurveyOsam(_WP, _COUNT)
#define PhotogrammetryCalculatorPolygonSurvey(_WP, _COUNT)


void init_photogrammetry_calculator (void)
void photogrammetry_calculator_update_camera2flightplan (void)
void photogrammetry_calculator_update_flightplan2camera (void)


float photogrammetry_sweep_angle
int photogrammetry_sidestep
int photogrammetry_triggerstep
int photogrammetry_height
int photogrammetry_height_min
int photogrammetry_height_max
int photogrammetry_radius_min
int photogrammetry_sidelap
int photogrammetry_overlap
int photogrammetry_resolution

Detailed Description

Add to airframe file:

  <section name="Photogrammetry" prefix="PHOTOGRAMMETRY_">
    <!-- Camera Parameters -->
    <define name="FOCAL_LENGTH" value="35" unit="mm"/>
    <define name="SENSOR_WIDTH" value="24" unit="mm"/>    <!-- In direction of the plane's wings -->
    <define name="SENSOR_HEIGHT" value="13.5" unit="mm"/> <!-- In direction of the plane's nose -->
    <define name="PIXELS_WIDTH" value="1024" unit=""/>

    <!-- Flight Safety Parameters -->
    <define name="HEIGHT_MIN" value="35" unit="m"/>
    <define name="HEIGHT_MAX" value="500" unit="m"/>
    <define name="RADIUS_MIN" value="70" unit="m"/>

    <load name="photogrammetry_calculator.xml" />

Add to flightplan or airframe file:

    <!-- Photogrammetry Parameters: define these in the flightplan-->
    <define name="OVERLAP" value="0.5" unit="PROCENT"/>
    <define name="SIDELAP" value="0.5" unit="PROCENT"/>
    <define name="RESOLUTION" value="50" unit="mm pixel projection"/>

Add to flightplan

#define PHOTOGRAMMETRY_SWEEP_ANGLE RadOfDeg(53)  // angle in radians from the North
#define PHOTOGRAMMETRY_OVERLAP 50              // 1-99 Procent
#define PHOTOGRAMMETRY_SIDELAP 50              // 1-99 Procent
#define PHOTOGRAMMETRY_RESOLUTION 80             // mm pixel projection size

    <block group="survey" name="Initialize Poly Survey 56789" strip_button="Survey5678" strip_icon="survey.png">
      <call fun="PhotogrammetryCalculatorPolygonSurvey(WP_5, 5)"/>
      <call fun="PolygonSurvey()"/>
    <block group="survey" name="Initialize ADV Poly 1234 Survey" strip_button="SurveyADV" strip_icon="survey.png">
      <call fun="PhotogrammetryCalculatorPolygonSurveyADV(WP_1, 4)"/>
      <call fun="poly_survey_adv()"/>

Definition in file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateHeight (   X)

Definition at line 122 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateOverLap (   X)

Definition at line 111 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateResolution (   X)

Definition at line 116 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateSideLap (   X)

Definition at line 106 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateSideStep (   X)

Definition at line 127 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

#define photogrammetry_calculator_UpdateTriggerStep (   X)

Definition at line 132 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

#define PhotogrammetryCalculatorPolygonSurvey (   _WP,
{ \
int photogrammetry_radius_min
int photogrammetry_sidestep
int photogrammetry_height
int photogrammetry_triggerstep
float photogrammetry_sweep_angle

Definition at line 146 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

#define PhotogrammetryCalculatorPolygonSurveyOsam (   _WP,
{ \
WaypointAlt(_WP) = photogrammetry_height + GROUND_ALT; \
int _ang = 90 - DegOfRad(photogrammetry_sweep_angle); \
while (_ang > 90) _ang -= 180; while (_ang < -90) _ang += 180; \
#define WaypointAlt(_wp)
waypoint altitude in m above MSL
Definition: common_nav.h:48
int photogrammetry_sidestep
int photogrammetry_height
float photogrammetry_sweep_angle

Definition at line 139 of file photogrammetry_calculator.h.

Function Documentation

void photogrammetry_calculator_update_camera2flightplan ( void  )
void photogrammetry_calculator_update_flightplan2camera ( void  )

Variable Documentation

int photogrammetry_height_max
int photogrammetry_height_min
int photogrammetry_radius_min

Definition at line 64 of file photogrammetry_calculator.c.

Referenced by init_photogrammetry_calculator().

float photogrammetry_sweep_angle

Definition at line 50 of file photogrammetry_calculator.c.

Referenced by init_photogrammetry_calculator().