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aoa_pwm.h File Reference

Angle of Attack sensor on PWM. More...

#include "std.h"
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Data Structures

struct  Aoa_Pwm


void aoa_pwm_init (void)
void aoa_pwm_update (void)


struct Aoa_Pwm aoa_pwm

Detailed Description

Angle of Attack sensor on PWM.

Jean-Fran├žois Erdelyi SENSOR, example : US DIGITAL MA3-P12-125-B

Definition in file aoa_pwm.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct Aoa_Pwm

Definition at line 34 of file aoa_pwm.h.

Data Fields
float angle Angle of attack in radians.
float filter Filtering value [0-1] 0: no filtering 1: output is a constant value.
float offset Angle of attack offset in radians.
uint32_t raw raw PWM value
float sens sensitiviy, i.e. scale to conver raw to angle

Function Documentation

void aoa_pwm_init ( void  )

Variable Documentation

struct Aoa_Pwm aoa_pwm

Definition at line 84 of file aoa_pwm.c.

Referenced by aoa_pwm_init(), aoa_pwm_update(), and send_aoa().