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nps_radio_control_joystick.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  NpsJoystick


int nps_radio_control_joystick_init (const char *device)
 Initializes SDL and the joystick. More...
void nps_radio_control_joystick_update (void)
 Updates joystick buttons from events, directly reads current axis positions. More...


struct NpsJoystick nps_joystick

Data Structure Documentation

struct NpsJoystick

Definition at line 29 of file nps_radio_control_joystick.h.

Data Fields
double mode
double pitch
double roll
double throttle
double yaw

Function Documentation

int nps_radio_control_joystick_init ( const char *  device)

Initializes SDL and the joystick.

Function exits with -1 if fails

devicestring integer of desired joystick device
0 on success

Definition at line 130 of file nps_radio_control_joystick.c.

References JS_NB_AXIS, JS_NB_BUTTONS, NpsJoystick::mode, MODE_SWITCH_AUTO2, nps_joystick, NpsJoystick::pitch, NpsJoystick::roll, sdl_joystick, NpsJoystick::throttle, and NpsJoystick::yaw.

Referenced by nps_radio_control_init().

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void nps_radio_control_joystick_update ( void  )

Variable Documentation