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hmc5843.c File Reference
#include "peripherals/hmc5843.h"
#include "mcu_periph/i2c.h"
#include "led.h"
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#define HMC5843_TIMEOUT   100
#define bswap_16(x)   ((((x) & 0xFF00) >> 8) | (((x) & 0x00FF) << 8))
#define HMC5843_I2C_DEV   i2c2


void exti9_5_irq_handler (void)
void hmc5843_init (void)
static void send_config (void)
void hmc5843_idle_task (void)
void hmc5843_periodic (void)


struct Hmc5843 hmc5843

Macro Definition Documentation

#define bswap_16 (   x)    ((((x) & 0xFF00) >> 8) | (((x) & 0x00FF) << 8))

Definition at line 7 of file hmc5843.c.

Referenced by hmc5843_idle_task().

#define HMC5843_I2C_DEV   i2c2

Definition at line 13 of file hmc5843.c.

Referenced by hmc5843_idle_task(), hmc5843_periodic(), and send_config().

#define HMC5843_TIMEOUT   100

Definition at line 5 of file hmc5843.c.

Referenced by hmc5843_periodic().

Function Documentation

void exti9_5_irq_handler ( void  )
void hmc5843_init ( void  )

Definition at line 16 of file hmc5843.c.

References hmc5843, HMC5843_ADDR, hmc5843_arch_init(), Hmc5843::i2c_trans, I2CTransSuccess, i2c_transaction::slave_addr, and i2c_transaction::status.

Referenced by hmc5843_module_init(), and imu_b2_init().

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static void send_config ( void  )

Definition at line 27 of file hmc5843.c.

References i2c_transaction::buf, hmc5843, HMC5843_I2C_DEV, HMC5843_REG_CFGA, HMC5843_REG_CFGB, HMC5843_REG_MODE, i2c_submit(), Hmc5843::i2c_trans, I2CTransPending, I2CTransTx, i2c_transaction::len_w, i2c_transaction::status, and i2c_transaction::type.

Referenced by hmc5843_periodic().

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Variable Documentation

struct Hmc5843 hmc5843