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dragspeed.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  dragspeed_t


void dragspeed_init (void)
bool dragspeed_calibrate_coeff (void)
bool dragspeed_calibrate_zero (void)
bool dragspeed_is_calibrating (void)


struct dragspeed_t dragspeed

Detailed Description

Tom van Dijk This module estimates the velocity of rotorcraft by measuring the drag force using the accelerometer.

Definition in file dragspeed.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct dragspeed_t

Definition at line 31 of file dragspeed.h.

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Data Fields
bool calibrate_coeff
bool calibrate_zero
struct FloatVect2 coeff
float filter
struct FloatVect2 vel
struct FloatVect2 zero
bool zero_calibrated

Function Documentation

bool dragspeed_calibrate_coeff ( void  )

Definition at line 105 of file dragspeed.c.

References dragspeed_t::calibrate_coeff, dragspeed, FALSE, and TRUE.

bool dragspeed_calibrate_zero ( void  )

Definition at line 111 of file dragspeed.c.

References dragspeed_t::calibrate_zero, dragspeed, FALSE, and TRUE.

bool dragspeed_is_calibrating ( void  )

Definition at line 117 of file dragspeed.c.

References dragspeed_t::calibrate_coeff, dragspeed_t::calibrate_zero, and dragspeed.

Variable Documentation