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ahrs.h File Reference

Dispatcher to register actual AHRS implementations. More...

#include "std.h"
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#define AHRS_COMP_ID_NONE   0
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_IR   2
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_ICQ   3
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_ICE   4
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_FC   4
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_DCM   6
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_FINV   7
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_MLKF   8
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_GX3   9
#define AHRS_COMP_ID_CHIMU   10


typedef bool(* AhrsEnableOutput )(bool)


void ahrs_register_impl (AhrsEnableOutput enable)
 Register an AHRS implementation. More...
void ahrs_init (void)
 AHRS initialization. More...
int ahrs_switch (uint8_t idx)
 Switch to the output of another AHRS impl. More...


uint8_t ahrs_output_idx

Detailed Description

Dispatcher to register actual AHRS implementations.

Definition in file ahrs.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_CHIMU   10

Definition at line 42 of file ahrs.h.

Referenced by parse_ins_msg().

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_DCM   6

Definition at line 38 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_FC   4

Definition at line 37 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_FINV   7

Definition at line 39 of file ahrs.h.


Definition at line 33 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_GX3   9

Definition at line 41 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_ICE   4

Definition at line 36 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_ICQ   3

Definition at line 35 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_IR   2

Definition at line 34 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_MLKF   8

Definition at line 40 of file ahrs.h.

#define AHRS_COMP_ID_NONE   0

Definition at line 32 of file ahrs.h.


Definition at line 43 of file ahrs.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef bool(* AhrsEnableOutput)(bool)

Definition at line 55 of file ahrs.h.

Function Documentation

void ahrs_init ( void  )

AHRS initialization.

Called at startup. Registers/initializes the default AHRS.

Definition at line 73 of file ahrs.c.

References ahrs_aligner_init(), ahrs_impls, AHRS_NB_IMPL, ahrs_switch(), AhrsImpl::enable, PRIMARY_AHRS, and RegisterAhrs.

Referenced by init_ap(), and main_init().

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void ahrs_register_impl ( AhrsEnableOutput  enable)

Register an AHRS implementation.

Adds it to an internal list.

enablepointer to function to enable/disable the output of registering AHRS

Definition at line 62 of file ahrs.c.

References ahrs_impls, AHRS_NB_IMPL, and AhrsImpl::enable.

Referenced by ahrs_chimu_register(), ahrs_dcm_register(), ahrs_fc_register(), ahrs_float_invariant_register(), ahrs_gx3_register(), ahrs_ice_register(), ahrs_icq_register(), ahrs_mlkf_register(), ahrs_sim_register(), and ahrs_vectornav_register().

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int ahrs_switch ( uint8_t  idx)

Switch to the output of another AHRS impl.

idxindex of the AHRS impl (0 = PRIMARY_AHRS, 1 = SECONDARY_AHRS).

Definition at line 93 of file ahrs.c.

References ahrs_impls, AHRS_NB_IMPL, ahrs_output_idx, AhrsImpl::enable, FALSE, idx, and TRUE.

Referenced by ahrs_init().

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Variable Documentation

uint8_t ahrs_output_idx

Definition at line 60 of file ahrs.c.

Referenced by ahrs_switch().