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switch_uart.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
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#define switch_uart_SwitchUartChannel(X)   ({switch_uart_channel=X;drop_ball(switch_uart_channel); false;})


void drop_ball (uint8_t number)
void periodic_switch_uart (void)


uint8_t switch_uart_channel
uint8_t switch_uart_status

Detailed Description

Freek van Tienen Module for dropping balls using UART

Definition in file switch_uart.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define switch_uart_SwitchUartChannel (   X)    ({switch_uart_channel=X;drop_ball(switch_uart_channel); false;})

Definition at line 31 of file switch_uart.h.

Function Documentation

void drop_ball ( uint8_t  number)

Definition at line 44 of file switch_uart.c.

References drop_string, DROP_STRINGLEN, last, and uart_put_byte().

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void periodic_switch_uart ( void  )

Definition at line 36 of file switch_uart.c.

References switch_uart_status, uart_char_available(), and uart_getch().

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Variable Documentation

uint8_t switch_uart_channel

Definition at line 29 of file switch_uart.c.

uint8_t switch_uart_status

Definition at line 30 of file switch_uart.c.

Referenced by periodic_switch_uart().