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stabilization_indi.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  ReferenceSystem


#define INDI_G_SCALING   1000.0


void stabilization_indi_init (void)
 Function that initializes important values upon engaging INDI. More...
void stabilization_indi_enter (void)
 Function that resets important values upon engaging INDI. More...
void stabilization_indi_set_failsafe_setpoint (void)
 Function that calculates the failsafe setpoint. More...
void stabilization_indi_set_rpy_setpoint_i (struct Int32Eulers *rpy)
 Set attitude quaternion setpoint from rpy. More...
void stabilization_indi_set_earth_cmd_i (struct Int32Vect2 *cmd, int32_t heading)
 Set attitude setpoint from command in earth axes. More...
void stabilization_indi_run (bool in_flight, bool rate_control)
 runs stabilization indi More...
void stabilization_indi_read_rc (bool in_flight, bool in_carefree, bool coordinated_turn)
 This function reads rc commands. More...


struct Int32Quat stab_att_sp_quat
 with INT32_QUAT_FRAC More...
struct Int32Eulers stab_att_sp_euler
 with INT32_ANGLE_FRAC More...
bool indi_use_adaptive
struct ReferenceSystem reference_acceleration

Data Structure Documentation

struct ReferenceSystem

Definition at line 38 of file stabilization_indi.h.

Data Fields
float err_p
float err_q
float err_r
float rate_p
float rate_q
float rate_r

Macro Definition Documentation

#define INDI_G_SCALING   1000.0

Function Documentation

void stabilization_indi_enter ( void  )

Function that resets important values upon engaging INDI.

Don't reset inputs and filters, because it is unlikely to switch stabilization in flight, and there are multiple modes that use (the same) stabilization. Resetting the controller is not so nice when you are flying. FIXME: Ideally we should detect when coming from something that is not INDI

Definition at line 254 of file stabilization_indi.c.

void stabilization_indi_init ( void  )

Function that initializes important values upon engaging INDI.

Definition at line 204 of file stabilization_indi.c.

void stabilization_indi_read_rc ( bool  in_flight,
bool  in_carefree,
bool  coordinated_turn 

This function reads rc commands.

in_flightboolean that states if the UAV is in flight or not

Definition at line 517 of file stabilization_indi.c.

void stabilization_indi_run ( bool  in_flight,
bool  rate_control 

runs stabilization indi

rate_controlboolean that determines if we are in rate control or attitude control

Function that should be called to run the INDI controller

in_flightnot used
rate_controlrate control enabled, otherwise attitude control

Definition at line 475 of file stabilization_indi.c.

void stabilization_indi_set_earth_cmd_i ( struct Int32Vect2 cmd,
int32_t  heading 

Set attitude setpoint from command in earth axes.

cmd2D command in North East axes
headingHeading of the setpoint

Function that calculates the setpoint quaternion from a command in earth axes

cmdThe command in earth axes (North East)
headingThe desired heading

Definition at line 321 of file stabilization_indi.c.

void stabilization_indi_set_failsafe_setpoint ( void  )

Function that calculates the failsafe setpoint.

Definition at line 292 of file stabilization_indi.c.

void stabilization_indi_set_rpy_setpoint_i ( struct Int32Eulers rpy)

Set attitude quaternion setpoint from rpy.

rpyrpy from which to calculate quaternion setpoint

Function that calculates the setpoint quaternion from rpy

rpyroll pitch yaw input

Definition at line 307 of file stabilization_indi.c.

Variable Documentation

bool indi_use_adaptive

Definition at line 78 of file stabilization_indi.c.

Referenced by stabilization_indi_calc_cmd().

struct ReferenceSystem reference_acceleration

Definition at line 66 of file stabilization_indi.c.

struct Int32Eulers stab_att_sp_euler


Definition at line 45 of file stabilization_attitude_euler_float.c.

struct Int32Quat stab_att_sp_quat


Definition at line 127 of file stabilization_attitude_heli_indi.c.