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actuators_md25.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "mcu_periph/i2c.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ActuatorsMD25


#define ActuatorMD25Set(_i, _v)   { actuators_md25.cmds[_i] = _v; }
#define ActuatorsMD25Init()   actuators_md25_init()
#define ActuatorsMD25Commit()   actuators_md25_set()


void actuators_md25_init (void)
void actuators_md25_periodic (void)
void actuators_md25_event (void)
void actuators_md25_set (void)


struct ActuatorsMD25 actuators_md25

Detailed Description

Gautier Hattenberger Driver for the MD25 rover controller board

Definition in file actuators_md25.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct ActuatorsMD25

Definition at line 34 of file actuators_md25.h.

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Data Fields
uint8_t accel_rate accel rate (from 1 to 10)
uint8_t bat batterie voltage (in decivolt)
uint8_t cmds[2] commands
uint8_t current[2] current in motors (in deciamp)
int32_t encoders[2] encoder values
bool initialized init flag
uint8_t mode control mode
struct i2c_transaction trans_cmd i2c struct for command
struct i2c_transaction trans_sensors i2c struct for sensors

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ActuatorMD25Set (   _i,
)    { actuators_md25.cmds[_i] = _v; }

Definition at line 54 of file actuators_md25.h.

#define ActuatorsMD25Commit ( )    actuators_md25_set()

Definition at line 56 of file actuators_md25.h.

#define ActuatorsMD25Init ( )    actuators_md25_init()

Definition at line 55 of file actuators_md25.h.

Function Documentation

void actuators_md25_set ( void  )

Variable Documentation

struct ActuatorsMD25 actuators_md25