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laser_range_array.c File Reference
#include "modules/range_finder/laser_range_array.h"
#include "generated/airframe.h"
#include "pprzlink/pprz_transport.h"
#include "pprzlink/intermcu_msg.h"
#include "mcu_periph/uart.h"
#include "subsystems/abi.h"
#include "message_pragmas.h"
#include "pprzlink/messages.h"
#include "subsystems/datalink/downlink.h"
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Data Structures

struct  laser_range_array_t


#define VL53L0_MAX_VAL   8.191f


void laser_range_array_init (void)
static void laser_range_array_parse_msg (void)
void laser_range_array_event (void)


static struct laser_range_array_t laser_range_array
static uint8_t lra_msg_buf [128]
 The message buffer. More...
static float laser_range_array_orientations [] = LASER_RANGE_ARRAY_ORIENTATIONS
static uint8_t agl_id = 255

Data Structure Documentation

struct laser_range_array_t

Definition at line 43 of file laser_range_array.c.

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Data Fields
struct link_device * device The device which is uses for communication.
bool msg_available If we received a message.
struct pprz_transport transport The transport layer (PPRZ)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define VL53L0_MAX_VAL   8.191f

Definition at line 60 of file laser_range_array.c.

Referenced by laser_range_array_parse_msg().

Function Documentation

void laser_range_array_event ( void  )
void laser_range_array_init ( void  )
static void laser_range_array_parse_msg ( void  )

Definition at line 79 of file laser_range_array.c.

References AGL_VL53L0_LASER_ARRAY_ID, get_sys_time_usec(), laser_range_array_orientations, lra_msg_buf, OBS_DETECTION_RANGE_ARRAY_ID, and VL53L0_MAX_VAL.

Referenced by laser_range_array_event().

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Variable Documentation

uint8_t agl_id = 255

Definition at line 58 of file laser_range_array.c.

struct laser_range_array_t laser_range_array
Initial value:
= {
.device = (&((LASER_RANGE_ARRAY_PORT).device)),
.msg_available = false

Definition at line 49 of file laser_range_array.c.

float laser_range_array_orientations[] = LASER_RANGE_ARRAY_ORIENTATIONS

Definition at line 57 of file laser_range_array.c.

Referenced by laser_range_array_init(), and laser_range_array_parse_msg().

uint8_t lra_msg_buf[128]

The message buffer.

Definition at line 54 of file laser_range_array.c.

Referenced by laser_range_array_event(), and laser_range_array_parse_msg().