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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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follow_me.h File Reference
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void follow_me (uint8_t headingToFollow, uint8_t heightObject, uint8_t distanceToObject)


float ref_pitch
float ref_roll
float selfie_alt

Detailed Description

Roland Follows a person using the reference given by the stereocam. This module does so by changing the yaw angle and roll angle alternatively. This way the drone does not drift away, and keeps looking at the person it tries to follow.

Definition in file follow_me.h.

Function Documentation

void follow_me ( uint8_t  headingToFollow,
uint8_t  heightObject,
uint8_t  distanceToObject 

Variable Documentation

float selfie_alt

Definition at line 33 of file follow_me.c.

Referenced by follow_me().