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airspeed_ets.h File Reference

Driver for the EagleTree Systems Airspeed Sensor. More...

#include "std.h"
#include "mcu_periph/i2c.h"
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void airspeed_ets_init (void)
void airspeed_ets_read_periodic (void)
void airspeed_ets_read_event (void)
static void AirspeedEtsEvent (void)


uint16_t airspeed_ets_raw
uint16_t airspeed_ets_offset
bool airspeed_ets_valid
float airspeed_ets
struct i2c_transaction airspeed_ets_i2c_trans

Detailed Description

Driver for the EagleTree Systems Airspeed Sensor.

Has only been tested with V3 of the sensor hardware.

Notes: Connect directly to TWOG/Tiny I2C port. Multiple sensors can be chained together. Sensor should be in the proprietary mode (default) and not in 3rd party mode.

Sensor module wire assignments: Red wire: 5V White wire: Ground Yellow wire: SDA Brown wire: SCL

Definition in file airspeed_ets.h.

Function Documentation

void airspeed_ets_read_periodic ( void  )
static void AirspeedEtsEvent ( void  )

Definition at line 58 of file airspeed_ets.h.

References airspeed_ets_i2c_trans, airspeed_ets_read_event(), I2CTransDone, I2CTransFailed, I2CTransSuccess, and i2c_transaction::status.

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Variable Documentation

float airspeed_ets

Definition at line 99 of file airspeed_ets.c.

struct i2c_transaction airspeed_ets_i2c_trans
uint16_t airspeed_ets_offset

Definition at line 97 of file airspeed_ets.c.

uint16_t airspeed_ets_raw

Definition at line 96 of file airspeed_ets.c.

Referenced by airspeed_ets_read_event().

bool airspeed_ets_valid

Definition at line 98 of file airspeed_ets.c.