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actuators_xvert.h File Reference
#include "subsystems/actuators/actuators_pwm_arch.h"
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Data Structures

struct  EscData


#define ESCS_START_BYTE   0xFE
#define ESCS_DATA_FLIPBIT   16384
#define ESCS_DATA_MYSTERYBIT   32768
#define ActuatorsXvertInit   actuators_xvert_init
#define ActuatorXvertSet(_i, _v)   { actuators_xvert_values[_i] = _v; }
#define ActuatorsXvertCommit   actuators_xvert_commit


void actuators_xvert_commit (void)
void actuators_xvert_init (void)


int32_t actuators_xvert_values [ACTUATORS_PWM_NB]

Detailed Description

Kevin van Hecke Actuators driver for X-vert VTOL motor controllers. Contains two normal pwm servos, and two custom driven escs through a propriety uart protocol.

Definition in file actuators_xvert.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct EscData

Definition at line 35 of file actuators_xvert.h.

Data Fields
unsigned char crc
uint32_t d1
uint32_t d2
unsigned char id
unsigned char len
unsigned char start

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ActuatorsXvertCommit   actuators_xvert_commit

Definition at line 57 of file actuators_xvert.h.

#define ActuatorsXvertInit   actuators_xvert_init

Definition at line 55 of file actuators_xvert.h.

#define ActuatorXvertSet (   _i,
)    { actuators_xvert_values[_i] = _v; }

Definition at line 56 of file actuators_xvert.h.

#define ESCS_DATA_FLIPBIT   16384

Definition at line 32 of file actuators_xvert.h.

Referenced by actuators_xvert_commit().

#define ESCS_DATA_MYSTERYBIT   32768

Definition at line 33 of file actuators_xvert.h.

Referenced by actuators_xvert_commit().

#define ESCS_START_BYTE   0xFE

Definition at line 31 of file actuators_xvert.h.

Referenced by actuators_xvert_commit().

Function Documentation

void actuators_xvert_init ( void  )

Definition at line 84 of file actuators_xvert.c.

References actuators_pwm_arch_init().

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Variable Documentation

int32_t actuators_xvert_values[ACTUATORS_PWM_NB]

Definition at line 37 of file actuators_xvert.c.

Referenced by actuators_xvert_commit().