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actuators_shared_arch.c File Reference

STM32 PWM and dualPWM servos shared functions. More...

#include "arch/stm32/subsystems/actuators/actuators_shared_arch.h"
#include <libopencm3/stm32/timer.h>
#include "arch/stm32/mcu_arch.h"
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void actuators_pwm_arch_channel_init (uint32_t timer_peripheral, enum tim_oc_id oc_id)
 Set PWM channel configuration. More...
void set_servo_timer (uint32_t timer, uint32_t freq, uint8_t channels_mask)
 Set Timer configuration. More...

Detailed Description

STM32 PWM and dualPWM servos shared functions.

Definition in file actuators_shared_arch.c.

Function Documentation

void actuators_pwm_arch_channel_init ( uint32_t  timer_peripheral,
enum tim_oc_id  oc_id 

Set PWM channel configuration.

Definition at line 35 of file actuators_shared_arch.c.

Referenced by set_servo_timer().

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void set_servo_timer ( uint32_t  timer,
uint32_t  freq,
uint8_t  channels_mask 

Set Timer configuration.

[in]timerTimer register address base
[in]freqPWM frequency in Hz (1 / auto-reload period)
[in]channels_maskoutput compare channels to enable

Definition at line 59 of file actuators_shared_arch.c.

References actuators_pwm_arch_channel_init(), PWM_BASE_FREQ, and timer_get_frequency().

Referenced by actuators_dualpwm_arch_init(), and actuators_pwm_arch_init().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function: