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sys_time Struct Reference

#include <sys_time.h>

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Data Fields

volatile uint32_t nb_sec
 full seconds since startup More...
volatile uint32_t nb_sec_rem
 remainder of seconds since startup in CPU_TICKS More...
volatile uint32_t nb_tick
 SYS_TIME_TICKS since startup. More...
struct sys_time_timer timer [SYS_TIME_NB_TIMER]
float resolution
 sys_time_timer resolution in seconds More...
uint32_t ticks_per_sec
 sys_time ticks per second (SYS_TIME_FREQUENCY) More...
uint32_t resolution_cpu_ticks
 sys_time_timer resolution in cpu ticks More...
uint32_t cpu_ticks_per_sec
 cpu ticks per second More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file sys_time.h.

Field Documentation

volatile uint32_t sys_time::nb_sec_rem

remainder of seconds since startup in CPU_TICKS

Definition at line 70 of file sys_time.h.

Referenced by get_sys_time_float(), get_sys_time_msec(), get_sys_time_usec(), parse_ins_msg(), sys_tick_handler(), sys_tick_irq_handler(), and sys_time_init().

volatile uint32_t sys_time::nb_tick

SYS_TIME_TICKS since startup.

Definition at line 71 of file sys_time.h.

Referenced by gps_mtk_read_message(), gps_ubx_read_message(), sys_tick_handler(), sys_tick_irq_handler(), sys_time_init(), and sys_time_register_timer().

float sys_time::resolution

sys_time_timer resolution in seconds

Definition at line 74 of file sys_time.h.

Referenced by sec_of_sys_time_ticks(), sys_time_arch_init(), and sys_time_init().

uint32_t sys_time::resolution_cpu_ticks

sys_time_timer resolution in cpu ticks

Definition at line 76 of file sys_time.h.

Referenced by sys_tick_handler(), sys_tick_irq_handler(), and sys_time_arch_init().

uint32_t sys_time::ticks_per_sec

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