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LtpDef_i Struct Reference

definition of the local (flat earth) coordinate system More...

#include <pprz_geodetic_int.h>

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Data Fields

struct EcefCoor_i ecef
 Reference point in ecef. More...
struct LlaCoor_i lla
 Reference point in lla. More...
struct Int32Mat33 ltp_of_ecef
 Rotation matrix. More...
int32_t hmsl
 Height above mean sea level in mm. More...

Detailed Description

definition of the local (flat earth) coordinate system

Defines the origin of the local coordinate system in ECEF and LLA coordinates and the roation matrix from ECEF to local frame

Definition at line 93 of file pprz_geodetic_int.h.

Field Documentation

struct EcefCoor_i LtpDef_i::ecef
int32_t LtpDef_i::hmsl

Height above mean sea level in mm.

Definition at line 97 of file pprz_geodetic_int.h.

Referenced by dl_parse_msg(), ins_init(), ins_init_origin_from_flightplan(), ins_reset_altitude_ref(), ins_reset_local_origin(), and ins_update_gps().

struct LlaCoor_i LtpDef_i::lla
struct Int32Mat33 LtpDef_i::ltp_of_ecef

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