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sbus_dual.h File Reference

Dual SBUS radio_control. More...

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#define RadioControlEvent(_received_frame_handler)
 Event macro with handler callback. More...


void sbus_dual_decode_event (void)
 Decoding event function. More...


struct _sbus sbus1 sbus2
 SBUS struct. More...

Detailed Description

Dual SBUS radio_control.

Definition in file sbus_dual.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define RadioControlEvent (   _received_frame_handler)
{ \
} else { \
NormalizePpmIIR(sbus2.pulses,radio_control); \
_received_frame_handler(); \
} \
} \
if (sbus1.frame_available) { \
} else { \
NormalizePpmIIR(sbus1.pulses,radio_control); \
_received_frame_handler(); \
} \
sbus1.frame_available = FALSE; \
} \
uint8_t frame_cpt
Definition: radio_control.h:54
uint8_t time_since_last_frame
Definition: radio_control.h:51
#define FALSE
Definition: imu_chimu.h:141
uint16_t pulses[SBUS_NB_CHANNEL]
decoded values
Definition: sbus_common.h:66
uint8_t radio_ok_cpt
Definition: radio_control.h:52
struct RadioControl radio_control
Definition: radio_control.c:25
#define RC_OK
Definition: radio_control.h:45
uint8_t status
Definition: radio_control.h:50
bool_t frame_available
new frame available
Definition: sbus_common.h:68
struct _sbus sbus1 sbus2
SBUS struct.
Definition: sbus_dual.c:37
void sbus_dual_decode_event(void)
Decoding event function.
Definition: sbus_dual.c:67

Event macro with handler callback.

Definition at line 43 of file sbus_dual.h.

Function Documentation

void sbus_dual_decode_event ( void  )

Decoding event function.

Definition at line 67 of file sbus_dual.c.

References sbus2, and sbus_common_decode_event().

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Variable Documentation

struct _sbus sbus1 sbus2

SBUS struct.

Definition at line 37 of file sbus_dual.c.

Referenced by radio_control_impl_init(), and sbus_dual_decode_event().