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ivy_transport.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <Ivy/ivy.h>
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#define IvyTransportCheckFreeSpace(_dev, _)   TRUE
#define IvyTransportSizeOf(_dev, x)   (x)
#define IvyTransportHeader(_dev, len)   ivy_p=ivy_buf;
#define IvyTransportTrailer(_dev)   { *(--ivy_p) = '\0'; if (ivy_dl_enabled) { IvySendMsg("%s",ivy_buf); } }
#define IvyTransportPutUint8(_dev, x)   { ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%u ", x); }
#define IvyTransportPutNamedUint8(_dev, _name, _x)   { ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%s ", _name); }
#define Space()   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, " ");
#define Comma()   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, ",");
#define DelimStart()   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "|");
#define DelimEnd()   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "|");
#define IvyTransportPutcByAddr(_dev, x)   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%c", *x);
#define IvyTransportPutCharByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutcByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutUintByAddr(_dev, x)   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%u", *x);
#define IvyTransportPutUint8ByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutUintByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutUint16ByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutUintByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutUint32ByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutUintByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutUint64ByAddr(_dev, x)   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%llu", *x); Space()
#define IvyTransportPutIntByAddr(_dev, x)   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%d", *x);
#define IvyTransportPutInt8ByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutIntByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutInt16ByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutIntByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutInt32ByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutIntByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutInt64ByAddr(_dev, x)   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%lld", *x); Space()
#define IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr(_dev, x)   ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%f", *x);
#define IvyTransportPutFloatByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutDoubleByAddr(_dev, x)   IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr(_dev,x) Space()
#define IvyTransportPutArray(_dev, _put, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt8Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint8Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutCharArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutcByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt16Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint16Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint32Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt32Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint64Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt64Array(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutFloatArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutDoubleArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutFloatArray(_dev,_n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt8FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint8FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutCharFixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutcByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt16FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint16FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint32FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt32FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutUint64FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutInt64FixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutFloatFixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr, _n, _x)
#define IvyTransportPutDoubleFixedArray(_dev, _n, _x)   IvyTransportPutFloatArray(_dev,_n, _x)


char ivy_buf []
char * ivy_p
int ivy_dl_enabled

Macro Definition Documentation

#define Comma ( )    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, ",");

Definition at line 20 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define DelimEnd ( )    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "|");

Definition at line 22 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define DelimStart ( )    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "|");

Definition at line 21 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportCheckFreeSpace (   _dev,
)    TRUE

Definition at line 8 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportHeader (   _dev,
)    ivy_p=ivy_buf;

Definition at line 12 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutArray (   _dev,
{ \
int __i; \
for(__i = 0; __i < _n; __i++) { \
_put(_dev,&_x[__i]); \
Comma(); \
} DelimEnd(); Space(); \
#define DelimStart()
Definition: ivy_transport.h:21
#define Comma()
Definition: ivy_transport.h:20
#define Space()
Definition: ivy_transport.h:19
#define DelimEnd()
Definition: ivy_transport.h:22

Definition at line 42 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutcByAddr (   _dev,
)    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%c", *x);

Definition at line 24 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutCharArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutcByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 53 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutCharByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutcByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 25 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutCharFixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutcByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 65 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutDoubleArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutFloatArray(_dev,_n, _x)

Definition at line 61 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutDoubleByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 40 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutDoubleFixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutFloatArray(_dev,_n, _x)

Definition at line 73 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutFloatArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 60 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutFloatByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 39 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutFloatFixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 72 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt16Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 54 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt16ByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutIntByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 34 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt16FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 66 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt32Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 57 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt32ByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutIntByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 35 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt32FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 69 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt64Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 59 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt64ByAddr (   _dev,
)    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%lld", *x); Space()

Definition at line 36 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt64FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 71 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt8Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 51 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt8ByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutIntByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 33 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutInt8FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutIntByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 63 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutIntByAddr (   _dev,
)    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%d", *x);

Definition at line 32 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutNamedUint8 (   _dev,
)    { ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%s ", _name); }

Definition at line 17 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutOneFloatByAddr (   _dev,
)    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%f", *x);

Definition at line 38 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint16Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 55 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint16ByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutUintByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 28 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint16FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 67 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint32Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 56 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint32ByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutUintByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 29 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint32FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 68 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint64Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 58 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint64ByAddr (   _dev,
)    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%llu", *x); Space()

Definition at line 30 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint64FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 70 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint8 (   _dev,
)    { ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%u ", x); }

Definition at line 16 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint8Array (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 52 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint8ByAddr (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutUintByAddr(_dev,x) Space()

Definition at line 27 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUint8FixedArray (   _dev,
)    IvyTransportPutArray(_dev,IvyTransportPutUintByAddr, _n, _x)

Definition at line 64 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportPutUintByAddr (   _dev,
)    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, "%u", *x);

Definition at line 26 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportSizeOf (   _dev,
)    (x)

Definition at line 10 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define IvyTransportTrailer (   _dev)    { *(--ivy_p) = '\0'; if (ivy_dl_enabled) { IvySendMsg("%s",ivy_buf); } }

Definition at line 14 of file ivy_transport.h.

#define Space ( )    ivy_p += sprintf(ivy_p, " ");

Definition at line 19 of file ivy_transport.h.

Variable Documentation

char ivy_buf[]

Definition at line 1 of file ivy_transport.c.

int ivy_dl_enabled

Definition at line 3 of file ivy_transport.c.

Referenced by update_dl_status().

char* ivy_p

Definition at line 2 of file ivy_transport.c.