Paparazzi UAS  v5.2.2_stable-0-gd6b9f29
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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rotorcraft Directory Reference
+ Directory dependency graph for rotorcraft:


directory  guidance
directory  stabilization


file  autopilot.c [code]
file  autopilot.h [code]
 Autopilot modes.
file  autopilot_arming_switch.h [code]
 Arm the motors using a switch.
file  autopilot_arming_throttle.h [code]
 Automatically arm the motors when applying throttle.
file  autopilot_arming_yaw.h [code]
 Arm the motors by with max yaw stick.
file  autopilot_rc_helpers.h [code]
 Some helper functions to check RC sticks.
file  guidance.h [code]
file  main.c [code]
 Rotorcraft main loop.
file  main.h [code]
 Rotorcraft main loop.
file  navigation.c [code]
 Rotorcraft navigation functions.
file  navigation.h [code]
 Rotorcraft navigation functions.
file  rotorcraft_telemetry.c [code]
file  stabilization.c [code]
 General stabilization interface for rotorcrafts.
file  stabilization.h [code]
 General stabilization interface for rotorcrafts.