Paparazzi UAS  v5.2.2_stable-0-gd6b9f29
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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1 #include "peripherals/ami601.h"
12 void ami601_init( void ) {
14  uint8_t i;
15  for (i=0; i< AMI601_NB_CHAN; i++) {
16  ami601_values[i] = 0;
17  }
20  ami601_nb_err = 0;
23 }
25 void ami601_read( void ) {
26  if (ami601_status != AMI601_IDLE) {
27  ami601_nb_err++;
29  }
30  else {
34  ami601_i2c_trans.buf[0] = 0x55;
35  ami601_i2c_trans.buf[1] = 0xAA;
36  ami601_i2c_trans.buf[2] = 0x14;
38  }
39 }
void ami601_init(void)
Definition: ami601.c:12
#define AMI601_NB_CHAN
Definition: ami601.h:13
unsigned short uint16_t
Definition: types.h:16
bool_t i2c_submit(struct i2c_periph *p, struct i2c_transaction *t)
Submit a I2C transaction.
Definition: i2c_arch.c:335
#define AMI601_SENDING_REQ
Definition: ami601.h:20
#define AMI601_SLAVE_ADDR
Definition: ami601.h:28
transaction successfully finished by I2C driver
Definition: i2c.h:57
I2C transaction structure.
Definition: i2c.h:93
uint8_t ami601_foo1
Definition: ami601.c:3
#define AMI601_IDLE
Definition: ami601.h:19
struct i2c_transaction ami601_i2c_trans
Definition: ami601.c:9
volatile uint8_t ami601_status
Definition: ami601.c:8
uint8_t ami601_foo3
Definition: ami601.c:5
uint8_t slave_addr
Slave address.
Definition: i2c.h:104
uint16_t ami601_values[AMI601_NB_CHAN]
Definition: ami601.c:6
unsigned long uint32_t
Definition: types.h:18
enum I2CTransactionStatus status
Transaction status.
Definition: i2c.h:126
uint8_t ami601_foo2
Definition: ami601.c:4
volatile uint32_t ami601_nb_err
Definition: ami601.c:10
volatile uint8_t buf[I2C_BUF_LEN]
Transaction buffer With I2C_BUF_LEN number of bytes.
Definition: i2c.h:122
uint8_t len_w
Number of bytes to write/transmit.
Definition: i2c.h:116
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: types.h:14
void ami601_read(void)
Definition: ami601.c:25
transmit only transaction
Definition: i2c.h:47
enum I2CTransactionType type
Transaction type.
Definition: i2c.h:98