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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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ins_mekf_wind module

MEKF-Wind INS estimator.

Estimates attitude, velocity, position, (gyro, accel, baro) biases and wind velocity. Using Eigen for math operations. Only for fixed-wing firmware.

Example for airframe file

Add to your firmware section: This example contains all possible configuration options, not all of them are mandatory!

1 <module name="ins_mekf_wind">
2  <define name="LOG_MEKF_WIND" value="FALSE|TRUE" />
3  <configure name="USE_MAGNETOMETER" value="TRUE|FALSE" />
4  <configure name="AHRS_ALIGNER_LED" value="2" />
5 </module>

Module configuration options

Configure Options

    Description: use magnetometer
  • name: AHRS_ALIGNER_LED value: 2
    Description: LED number to indicate if AHRS/INS is aligned

Define Options

  • name: LOG_MEKF_WIND value: FALSE|TRUE
    Description: enable logging on SD card (default: FALSE)

Airframe file section

  • section name: MEKF_WIND prefix: INS_MEKF_WIND_
    • name DISABLE_WIND value: FALSE|TRUE
      Description: Disable wind estimation (true by default)
    • name P0_QUAT value: 0.007615
      Description: Initial covariance on quaternion
    • name P0_SPEED value: 1E+2
      Description: Initial covariance on speed
    • name P0_POS value: 1E+1
      Description: Initial covariance on position
    • name P0_RATES_BIAS value: 1E-5
      Description: Initial covariance on gyrometers bias
    • name P0_ACCEL_BIAS value: 1E-5
      Description: Initial covariance on accelerometers bias
    • name P0_WIND value: 1.
      Description: Initial covariance on wind estimate
    • name Q_GYRO value: 1E-2
      Description: Process noise on gyrometers
    • name Q_ACCEL value: 1E-2
      Description: Process noise on accelerometers
    • name Q_RATES_BIAS value: 1E-6
      Description: Process noise on gyrometers bias
    • name Q_ACCEL_BIAS value: 1E-6
      Description: Process noise on accelerometers bias
    • name Q_BARO_BIAS value: 1E-3
      Description: Process noise on baro bias
    • name Q_WIND value: 1.
      Description: Process nois on wind estimate
    • name R_SPEED value: 0.1
      Description: Measurement noise on speed
    • name R_SPEED_Z value: 0.2
      Description: Measurement noise on vertical speed
    • name R_POS value: 2.
      Description: Measurement noise on position
    • name R_POS_Z value: 4.
      Description: Measurement noise on vertical position
    • name R_MAG value: 1.
      Description: Measurement noise on magnetometers
    • name R_BARO value: 2.
      Description: Measurement noise on barometer
    • name R_AIRSPEED value: 0.1
      Description: Measurement noise en airspeed
    • name R_AOA value: 0.1
      Description: Measurement noise on angle of attack
    • name R_AOS value: 0.1
      Description: Measurement noise on sideslip angle

Module functions

Init Functions

These initialization functions are called once on startup.


Header Files

The following headers are automatically included in modules.h

Source Files

Raw ins_mekf_wind.xml file:

<!DOCTYPE module SYSTEM "module.dtd">
<module name="ins_mekf_wind" dir="ins">
MEKF-Wind INS estimator.
Estimates attitude, velocity, position, (gyro, accel, baro) biases and wind velocity.
Using Eigen for math operations.
Only for fixed-wing firmware.
<configure name="USE_MAGNETOMETER" value="TRUE|FALSE" description="use magnetometer"/>
<configure name="AHRS_ALIGNER_LED" value="2" description="LED number to indicate if AHRS/INS is aligned"/>
<define name="LOG_MEKF_WIND" value="FALSE|TRUE" description="enable logging on SD card (default: FALSE)"/>
<section name="MEKF_WIND" prefix="INS_MEKF_WIND_">
<define name="DISABLE_WIND" value="FALSE|TRUE" description="Disable wind estimation (true by default)"/>
<define name="P0_QUAT" value="0.007615" description="Initial covariance on quaternion"/>
<define name="P0_SPEED" value="1E+2" description="Initial covariance on speed"/>
<define name="P0_POS" value="1E+1" description="Initial covariance on position"/>
<define name="P0_RATES_BIAS" value="1E-5" description="Initial covariance on gyrometers bias"/>
<define name="P0_ACCEL_BIAS" value="1E-5" description="Initial covariance on accelerometers bias"/>
<define name="P0_WIND" value="1." description="Initial covariance on wind estimate"/>
<define name="Q_GYRO" value="1E-2" description="Process noise on gyrometers"/>
<define name="Q_ACCEL" value="1E-2" description="Process noise on accelerometers"/>
<define name="Q_RATES_BIAS" value="1E-6" description="Process noise on gyrometers bias"/>
<define name="Q_ACCEL_BIAS" value="1E-6" description="Process noise on accelerometers bias"/>
<define name="Q_BARO_BIAS" value="1E-3" description="Process noise on baro bias"/>
<define name="Q_WIND" value="1." description="Process nois on wind estimate"/>
<define name="R_SPEED" value="0.1" description="Measurement noise on speed"/>
<define name="R_SPEED_Z" value="0.2" description="Measurement noise on vertical speed"/>
<define name="R_POS" value="2." description="Measurement noise on position"/>
<define name="R_POS_Z" value="4." description="Measurement noise on vertical position"/>
<define name="R_MAG" value="1." description="Measurement noise on magnetometers"/>
<define name="R_BARO" value="2." description="Measurement noise on barometer"/>
<define name="R_AIRSPEED" value="0.1" description="Measurement noise en airspeed"/>
<define name="R_AOA" value="0.1" description="Measurement noise on angle of attack"/>
<define name="R_AOS" value="0.1" description="Measurement noise on sideslip angle"/>
<dl_settings name="MEKF_Wind">
<dl_setting min="0" max="1" step="1" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.disable_wind" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="wind estimation" values="ENABLED|DISABLED"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-3" max="1E-1" step="0.001" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.Q_gyro" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="Q gyro" handler="update_Q_gyro"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-3" max="1E-1" step="0.001" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.Q_accel" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="Q accel" handler="update_Q_accel"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-6" max="1E-5" step="0.00000001" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.Q_rates_bias" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="Q rates bias" handler="update_Q_rates_bias"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-6" max="1E-5" step="0.00000001" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.Q_accel_bias" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="Q accel bias" handler="update_Q_accel_bias"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-7" max="1E-5" step="0.00000001" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.Q_baro_bias" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="Q baro bias" handler="update_Q_baro_bias"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.Q_wind" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="Q wind" handler="update_Q_wind"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_speed" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R speed" handler="update_R_speed"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_speed_z" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R speed_z" handler="update_R_speed_z"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_pos" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R pos" handler="update_R_pos"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_pos_z" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R pos_z" handler="update_R_pos_z"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_mag" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R mag" handler="update_R_mag"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+2" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_baro" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R baro" handler="update_R_baro"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_airspeed" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R airpeed" handler="update_R_airspeed"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_aoa" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R aoa" handler="update_R_aoa"/>
<dl_setting min="1E-1" max="1E+1" step="0.01" var="ins_mekf_wind_params.R_aos" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind" shortname="R aos" handler="update_R_aos"/>
<dl_setting min="0" max="1" step="1" var="ins_mekf_wind.reset" module="ins/ins_mekf_wind_wrapper" shortname="reset" handler="Reset"/>
<file name="ins_mekf_wind_wrapper.h"/>
<init fun="ins_mekf_wind_wrapper_init()"/>
<makefile target="ap|nps" firmware="fixedwing">
<configure name="CXXSTANDARD" value="-std=c++14"/>
<configure name="USE_MAGNETOMETER" default="TRUE"/>
<define name="USE_MAGNETOMETER" cond="ifeq (,$(findstring $(USE_MAGNETOMETER),0 FALSE))"/>
<include name="$(PAPARAZZI_SRC)/sw/ext/eigen"/>
<file name="ahrs_aligner.c" dir="subsystems/ahrs"/>
<file name="ins.c" dir="subsystems"/>
<file name="ins_mekf_wind.cpp"/>
<file name="ins_mekf_wind_wrapper.c"/>
<flag name="LDFLAGS" value="lstdc++" />
<define name="EIGEN_NO_MALLOC"/>
<define name="USE_AHRS_ALIGNER"/>
<define name="INS_TYPE_H" value="modules/ins/ins_mekf_wind_wrapper.h" type="string"/>
<makefile target="ap" firmware="fixedwing">
<define name="EIGEN_NO_DEBUG"/>
<flag name="CXXFLAGS" value="Wno-bool-compare"/>
<flag name="CXXFLAGS" value="Wno-logical-not-parentheses"/>
<file name="pprz_syscalls.c" dir="."/>
<makefile target="sim" firmware="fixedwing">
<define name="AHRS_TYPE_H" value="subsystems/ahrs/ahrs_sim.h" type="string"/>
<define name="USE_AHRS"/>
<file name="ahrs.c" dir="subsystems"/>
<file name="ahrs_sim.c" dir="subsystems/ahrs"/>