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infrared_i2c.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "generated/airframe.h"
#include "subsystems/sensors/infrared.h"
#include "mcu_periph/i2c.h"
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#define infrared_i2cEvent()
#define infrared_i2cDownlink()   DOWNLINK_SEND_DEBUG_IR_I2C(DefaultChannel, DefaultDevice, &ir_i2c.ir1, &ir_i2c.ir2, &ir_i2c.ir3)
#define infrared_i2c_SetConfWord(_v)


void infrared_i2c_init (void)
 Initialisation. More...
void infrared_i2c_update (void)
void infrared_i2c_hor_event (void)
void infrared_i2c_ver_event (void)


struct Infrared_raw ir_i2c
bool_t ir_i2c_data_hor_available
bool_t ir_i2c_data_ver_available
uint8_t ir_i2c_conf_word
bool_t ir_i2c_conf_hor_done
bool_t ir_i2c_conf_ver_done
struct i2c_transaction irh_trans irv_trans

Macro Definition Documentation

#define infrared_i2c_SetConfWord (   _v)
{ \
uint8_t ir_i2c_conf_word
Definition: infrared_i2c.c:50
bool_t ir_i2c_conf_ver_done
Definition: infrared_i2c.c:51
bool_t ir_i2c_conf_hor_done
Definition: infrared_i2c.c:51
#define FALSE
Definition: imu_chimu.h:141

Definition at line 54 of file infrared_i2c.h.

#define infrared_i2cDownlink ( )    DOWNLINK_SEND_DEBUG_IR_I2C(DefaultChannel, DefaultDevice, &ir_i2c.ir1, &ir_i2c.ir2, &ir_i2c.ir3)

Definition at line 52 of file infrared_i2c.h.

#define infrared_i2cEvent ( )
{ \
if (irh_trans.status == I2CTransSuccess) infrared_i2c_hor_event(); \
Definition: anemotaxis.c:10
void infrared_i2c_hor_event(void)
Definition: infrared_i2c.c:128
struct i2c_transaction irh_trans irv_trans
Definition: infrared_i2c.c:67
void infrared_i2c_ver_event(void)
Definition: infrared_i2c.c:189

Definition at line 47 of file infrared_i2c.h.

Referenced by infrared_event().

Function Documentation

void infrared_i2c_init ( void  )


Definition at line 84 of file infrared_i2c.c.

References FALSE, I2CTransDone, infrared_struct_init(), ir_i2c_conf_hor_done, ir_i2c_conf_ver_done, ir_i2c_conf_word, ir_i2c_data_hor_available, ir_i2c_data_ver_available, ir_i2c_hor_status, IR_I2C_IDLE, irv_trans, and i2c_transaction::status.

Referenced by infrared_init().

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Variable Documentation

struct Infrared_raw ir_i2c

Definition at line 48 of file infrared_i2c.c.

Referenced by infrared_i2c_hor_event(), and infrared_i2c_ver_event().

bool_t ir_i2c_conf_hor_done

Definition at line 51 of file infrared_i2c.c.

Referenced by infrared_i2c_hor_event(), infrared_i2c_init(), and infrared_i2c_update().

bool_t ir_i2c_conf_ver_done

Definition at line 51 of file infrared_i2c.c.

Referenced by infrared_i2c_init(), infrared_i2c_update(), and infrared_i2c_ver_event().

uint8_t ir_i2c_conf_word
bool_t ir_i2c_data_hor_available
bool_t ir_i2c_data_ver_available
struct i2c_transaction irh_trans irv_trans

Definition at line 67 of file infrared_i2c.c.

Referenced by infrared_i2c_init(), infrared_i2c_update(), and infrared_i2c_ver_event().