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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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Maximum Power Point Tracker

Module XML file: MPPT.xml

Solar Cells control board by Michel

Module functions

Init Functions

These initialization functions are called once on startup.

Periodic Functions

These functions are called periodically at the specified frequency from the module periodic loop.

  • MPPT_periodic()
    • Frequency in Hz: 8.
    • Delay: 4
      Integer to impose a sequence (between 0 and main_freq/function_freq)
    • Autorun: TRUE
      Periodic function automatically starts after init.


Header Files

The following headers are automatically included in modules.h

Source Files

Raw MPPT.xml file:

<!DOCTYPE module SYSTEM "module.dtd">
<module name="MPPT">
Maximum Power Point Tracker
Solar Cells control board by Michel
<file name="MPPT.h"/>
<init fun="MPPT_init()"/>
<periodic fun="MPPT_periodic()" freq="8." delay="4" autorun="TRUE"/>
<makefile target="ap">
<file name="MPPT.c"/>
<makefile target="sim">
<file name="sim_MPPT.c"/>