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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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guidance_common.h File Reference

Vertical control for fixed wing vehicles. More...

#include <inttypes.h>
#include "paparazzi.h"
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#define V_CTL_MODE_MANUAL   0
#define V_CTL_MODE_AUTO_ALT   3
#define V_CTL_MODE_NB   4
#define guidance_v_SetCruiseThrottle(_v)
#define guidance_v_SetAutoThrottleIgain(_v)


void v_ctl_init (void)
void v_ctl_altitude_loop (void)
 outer loop More...
void v_ctl_climb_loop (void)
 auto throttle inner loop More...
void v_ctl_throttle_slew (void)
 Computes throttle_slewed from throttle_setpoint. More...


uint8_t v_ctl_mode
float v_ctl_climb_setpoint
uint8_t v_ctl_climb_mode
uint8_t v_ctl_auto_throttle_submode
float v_ctl_auto_throttle_sum_err
float v_ctl_altitude_error
 in meters, (setpoint - alt) -> positive = too low More...
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_controlled
float v_ctl_auto_groundspeed_setpoint
 in meters per second More...
float v_ctl_auto_throttle_cruise_throttle
pprz_t v_ctl_throttle_setpoint
pprz_t v_ctl_throttle_slewed
float v_ctl_pitch_setpoint

Detailed Description

Vertical control for fixed wing vehicles.

Definition in file guidance_common.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define guidance_v_SetAutoThrottleIgain (   _v)
{ \
float v_ctl_auto_throttle_igain
Definition: guidance_v.c:61
float v_ctl_auto_throttle_sum_err
Definition: energy_ctrl.c:80

Definition at line 81 of file guidance_common.h.

#define guidance_v_SetCruiseThrottle (   _v)

Definition at line 76 of file guidance_common.h.


Definition at line 47 of file guidance_common.h.

Referenced by v_ctl_climb_loop().


Definition at line 46 of file guidance_common.h.

Referenced by v_ctl_altitude_loop(), v_ctl_climb_loop(), and v_ctl_init().

#define V_CTL_MODE_AUTO_ALT   3

Definition at line 39 of file guidance_common.h.

Referenced by nav_home(), and navigation_task().


Definition at line 38 of file guidance_common.h.

Referenced by attitude_loop(), nav_periodic_task(), and v_ctl_climb_loop().


Definition at line 37 of file guidance_common.h.

Referenced by attitude_loop(), and nav_without_gps().

#define V_CTL_MODE_MANUAL   0

Definition at line 36 of file guidance_common.h.

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

#define V_CTL_MODE_NB   4

Definition at line 40 of file guidance_common.h.

Function Documentation

void v_ctl_altitude_loop ( void  )

outer loop

Computes v_ctl_climb_setpoint and sets v_ctl_auto_throttle_submode

Definition at line 268 of file energy_ctrl.c.

void v_ctl_climb_loop ( void  )

auto throttle inner loop

Definition at line 303 of file energy_ctrl.c.

void v_ctl_init ( void  )

Definition at line 196 of file energy_ctrl.c.

void v_ctl_throttle_slew ( void  )

Computes throttle_slewed from throttle_setpoint.

Computes throttle_slewed from throttle_setpoint.

Definition at line 416 of file energy_ctrl.c.

Variable Documentation

float v_ctl_altitude_error

in meters, (setpoint - alt) -> positive = too low

Definition at line 95 of file energy_ctrl.c.

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_controlled

Definition at line 126 of file energy_ctrl.c.

Referenced by v_ctl_climb_loop(), and v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_groundspeed_setpoint

in meters per second

Definition at line 128 of file energy_ctrl.c.

Referenced by v_ctl_climb_loop(), and v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_throttle_cruise_throttle

Definition at line 106 of file energy_ctrl.c.

uint8_t v_ctl_auto_throttle_submode

Definition at line 79 of file energy_ctrl.c.

float v_ctl_auto_throttle_sum_err

Definition at line 80 of file energy_ctrl.c.

uint8_t v_ctl_climb_mode

Definition at line 78 of file energy_ctrl.c.

float v_ctl_climb_setpoint

Definition at line 101 of file energy_ctrl.c.

uint8_t v_ctl_mode

Definition at line 77 of file energy_ctrl.c.

float v_ctl_pitch_setpoint

Definition at line 136 of file energy_ctrl.c.

pprz_t v_ctl_throttle_setpoint

Definition at line 134 of file energy_ctrl.c.

pprz_t v_ctl_throttle_slewed

Definition at line 135 of file energy_ctrl.c.