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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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bomb.h File Reference
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#define BombComputeApproach(_target, _start, _radius)   bomb_compute_approach(_target, _start, _radius)
#define BombUpdateRelease(_wp)   bomb_update_release(_wp)
#define BombReadyToShoot()   bomb_ready_to_shoot()
#define BombShoot()   bomb_shoot()
#define BombCloseHatch()   ({ ap_state->commands[COMMAND_HATCH] = MIN_PPRZ; })
#define BombAligned()   Qdr(DegOfRad(bomb_qdr_aligned))


unit_t bomb_compute_approach (uint8_t wp_target, uint8_t wp_start, float radius)
unit_t bomb_update_release (uint8_t wp_target)
unit_t bomb_shoot (void)
bool_t compute_alignment (uint8_t w1, uint8_t w2, uint8_t start, uint8_t end, float d_before, float d_after)
bool_t compute_tod (void)
unit_t compute_baseleg (void)


float bomb_trigger_delay
float bomb_start_qdr
float baseleg_alt
float downwind_altitude
const float baseleg_alt_tolerance

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BombAligned ( )    Qdr(DegOfRad(bomb_qdr_aligned))

Definition at line 44 of file bomb.h.

#define BombCloseHatch ( )    ({ ap_state->commands[COMMAND_HATCH] = MIN_PPRZ; })

Definition at line 43 of file bomb.h.

#define BombComputeApproach (   _target,
)    bomb_compute_approach(_target, _start, _radius)

Definition at line 39 of file bomb.h.

#define BombReadyToShoot ( )    bomb_ready_to_shoot()

Definition at line 41 of file bomb.h.

#define BombShoot ( )    bomb_shoot()

Definition at line 42 of file bomb.h.

#define BombUpdateRelease (   _wp)    bomb_update_release(_wp)

Definition at line 40 of file bomb.h.


Definition at line 30 of file bomb.h.

Function Documentation

unit_t bomb_compute_approach ( uint8_t  wp_target,
uint8_t  wp_start,
float  radius 
unit_t bomb_shoot ( void  )
unit_t bomb_update_release ( uint8_t  wp_target)
bool_t compute_alignment ( uint8_t  w1,
uint8_t  w2,
uint8_t  start,
uint8_t  end,
float  d_before,
float  d_after 
unit_t compute_baseleg ( void  )
bool_t compute_tod ( void  )

Variable Documentation

float baseleg_alt
const float baseleg_alt_tolerance
float bomb_start_qdr
float bomb_trigger_delay
float downwind_altitude