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baro_board_module.h File Reference

Wrapper for the board specific barometer. More...

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#define BARO_ABS_EVENT   NoBaro
 Absolute baro macro mapping. More...
#define BARO_DIFF_EVENT   NoBaro
 Differential baro macro mapping. More...
#define NoBaro(_b, _h)   {}
#define BaroEvent(_b_abs_handler, _b_diff_handler)
 BaroEvent macro. More...

Detailed Description

Wrapper for the board specific barometer.

Definition in file baro_board_module.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BARO_ABS_EVENT   NoBaro

Absolute baro macro mapping.

Select the baro module you want to use to feed the common baro interface in your airframe file when configuring baro_board module ex: for module baro_ets

*   <define name="BARO_ABS_EVENT" value="BaroEtsUpdate"/>

Definition at line 43 of file baro_board_module.h.

#define BARO_DIFF_EVENT   NoBaro

Differential baro macro mapping.


Definition at line 50 of file baro_board_module.h.

#define BaroEvent (   _b_abs_handler,
{ \
BARO_ABS_EVENT(baro.absolute, _b_abs_handler); \
BARO_DIFF_EVENT(baro.differential, _b_diff_handler); \
int32_t absolute
Definition: baro.h:41
Absolute baro macro mapping.
int32_t differential
Definition: baro.h:42
struct Baro baro
Definition: baro_board.c:36
Differential baro macro mapping.

BaroEvent macro.

Need to be maped to one the external baro running has a module

Definition at line 58 of file baro_board_module.h.

#define NoBaro (   _b,
)    {}

Definition at line 53 of file baro_board_module.h.