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baro.h File Reference

Common barometric sensor implementation. More...

#include <std.h>
#include <BOARD_CONFIG>
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Data Structures

struct  Baro




void baro_init (void)
 Implementation of the generic baro interface initialization. More...
void baro_periodic (void)
 Implementation of the generic baro interface periodic task. More...


struct Baro baro

Detailed Description

Common barometric sensor implementation.

Definition in file baro.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum BaroStatus

Definition at line 34 of file baro.h.

Function Documentation

void baro_periodic ( void  )

Implementation of the generic baro interface periodic task.

No need to call this functions from the modules, already done by main.

Definition at line 50 of file baro_board.c.

References Baro::absolute, ads1114_read(), adc_buf::av_nb_sample, baro, BARO_ABS_ADDR, BARO_ABS_ADS, baro_board, baro_board_calibrate(), baro_board_read_from_current_register(), baro_board_send_config_abs(), baro_board_send_config_diff(), baro_board_send_reset(), baro_board_set_current_register(), BARO_DIFF_ADDR, baro_eoc(), baro_trans, bmp085_read_pressure(), bmp085_read_temp(), bmp085_request_pressure(), bmp085_request_temp(), BS_RUNNING, BS_UNINITIALIZED, BaroBoard::buf, i2c_transaction::buf, Mpu60x0_I2c::config, BaroBoard::data_available, DefaultChannel, DefaultDevice, FALSE, i2c_idle(), i2c_transceive(), i2c_transmit(), I2CTransPending, I2CTransRunning, imu_apogee, Mpu60x0Config::initialized, LBS_INITIALIZING_ABS, LBS_INITIALIZING_ABS_1, LBS_INITIALIZING_DIFF, LBS_INITIALIZING_DIFF_1, LBS_READ, LBS_READ_ABS, LBS_READ_DIFF, LBS_READ_TEMP, LBS_READING, LBS_READING_ABS, LBS_READING_DIFF, LBS_READING_TEMP, LBS_REQUEST, LBS_REQUEST_TEMP, LBS_RESETED, LBS_UNINITIALIZED, LED_ON, LED_TOGGLE, mcp355x_read(), mpl3115_data_available, Mpl3115Periodic, ImuApogee::mpu, MS5611_ADC_D1, MS5611_ADC_D2, MS5611_ADC_READ, ms5611_c, MS5611_CONV_D1, MS5611_CONV_D1_OK, MS5611_CONV_D2, MS5611_CONV_D2_OK, MS5611_I2C_DEV, MS5611_IDLE, MS5611_PROM, MS5611_PROM_READ, MS5611_RESET, MS5611_RESET_OK, MS5611_SLAVE_ADDR, MS5611_SOFT_RESET, MS5611_SPI_DEV, MS5611_START_CONV_D1, ms5611_status, ms5611_trans, MS5611_UNINIT, navdata_baro_available, sys_time::nb_sec, spi_transaction::output_buf, prom_cnt, spi_submit(), startup_cnt, BaroBoard::status, Baro::status, i2c_transaction::status, adc_buf::sum, TRUE, and BaroBoard::value_filtered.

Referenced by handle_periodic_tasks(), main_periodic(), main_periodic_task(), sensors_task(), and test_baro_periodic().

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