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AhrsFloatCmplRmat Struct Reference

#include <ahrs_float_cmpl.h>

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Data Fields

struct FloatRates gyro_bias
struct FloatRates rate_correction
float ltp_vel_norm
bool_t ltp_vel_norm_valid
bool_t correct_gravity
bool_t heading_aligned
struct FloatQuat body_to_imu_quat
struct FloatRMat body_to_imu_rmat

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file ahrs_float_cmpl.h.

Field Documentation

struct FloatQuat AhrsFloatCmplRmat::body_to_imu_quat
struct FloatRMat AhrsFloatCmplRmat::body_to_imu_rmat
bool_t AhrsFloatCmplRmat::correct_gravity

Definition at line 35 of file ahrs_float_cmpl.h.

Referenced by ahrs_init(), and ahrs_update_accel().

bool_t AhrsFloatCmplRmat::heading_aligned

Definition at line 37 of file ahrs_float_cmpl.h.

Referenced by ahrs_align(), ahrs_init(), ahrs_realign_heading(), and ahrs_update_gps().

float AhrsFloatCmplRmat::ltp_vel_norm

Definition at line 33 of file ahrs_float_cmpl.h.

Referenced by ahrs_update_accel(), and ahrs_update_gps().

bool_t AhrsFloatCmplRmat::ltp_vel_norm_valid

Definition at line 34 of file ahrs_float_cmpl.h.

Referenced by ahrs_init(), ahrs_update_accel(), and ahrs_update_gps().

struct FloatRates AhrsFloatCmplRmat::rate_correction

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