Paparazzi UAS  v4.2.2_stable-4-gcc32f65
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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joystick.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "firmwares/fixedwing/stabilization/stabilization_attitude.h"
#include "autopilot.h"
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#define JoystickHandeDatalink(_roll_int8, _pitch_int8, _throttle_int8)


uint8_t joystick_block

Macro Definition Documentation

#define JoystickHandeDatalink (   _roll_int8,
{ \
h_ctl_roll_setpoint = _roll_int8 * (AUTO1_MAX_ROLL / 0x7f); \
h_ctl_pitch_setpoint = _pitch_int8 * (AUTO1_MAX_PITCH / 0x7f); \
v_ctl_throttle_setpoint = (MAX_PPRZ/0x7f) * _throttle_int8; \
} \
uint8_t pprz_mode
Definition: main_ap.c:111
pprz_t v_ctl_throttle_setpoint
Definition: energy_ctrl.c:134
uint8_t nav_block
Definition: autopilot.h:46
uint8_t joystick_block
Definition: joystick.c:3
float h_ctl_pitch_setpoint
float h_ctl_roll_setpoint
#define MAX_PPRZ
Definition: paparazzi.h:8

Definition at line 10 of file joystick.h.

Referenced by dl_parse_msg().

Variable Documentation

uint8_t joystick_block

Definition at line 3 of file joystick.c.