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gps.h File Reference

Device independent GPS code (interface) More...

#include "std.h"
#include "math/pprz_geodetic_int.h"
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Data Structures

struct  SVinfo
 data structure for Space Vehicle Information of a single satellite More...
struct  GpsState
 data structure for GPS information More...
struct  GpsTimeSync


#define GPS_FIX_NONE   0x00
#define GPS_FIX_2D   0x02
#define GPS_FIX_3D   0x03
#define GpsFixValid()   (gps.fix == GPS_FIX_3D)
#define GPS_NB_CHANNELS   1
#define GPS_TIMEOUT   5
#define GpsIsLost()   (sys_time.nb_sec - gps.last_fix_time > GPS_TIMEOUT)
#define CFG_RST_BBR_Hotstart   0x0000
#define CFG_RST_BBR_Warmstart   0x0001
#define CFG_RST_BBR_Coldstart   0xffff
#define gps_Reset(_val)


void gps_init (void)
void gps_impl_init (void)


struct GpsState gps
 global GPS state More...

Detailed Description

Device independent GPS code (interface)

Definition in file gps.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CFG_RST_BBR_Coldstart   0xffff

Definition at line 122 of file gps.h.

#define CFG_RST_BBR_Hotstart   0x0000

Definition at line 120 of file gps.h.

#define CFG_RST_BBR_Warmstart   0x0001

Definition at line 121 of file gps.h.

#define GPS_FIX_2D   0x02

Definition at line 41 of file gps.h.

Referenced by gps_mtk_read_message(), gps_skytraq_read_message(), and parse_ins_msg().

#define GPS_FIX_NONE   0x00
#define GPS_NB_CHANNELS   1

Definition at line 48 of file gps.h.

#define gps_Reset (   _val)
{ \

Definition at line 124 of file gps.h.

#define GPS_TIMEOUT   5

Definition at line 108 of file gps.h.

#define GpsFixValid ( )    (gps.fix == GPS_FIX_3D)

Definition at line 44 of file gps.h.

Referenced by alt_filter_periodic().

#define GpsIsLost ( )    (sys_time.nb_sec - gps.last_fix_time > GPS_TIMEOUT)

Definition at line 110 of file gps.h.

Referenced by failsafe_check().

Function Documentation

void gps_init ( void  )

Definition at line 37 of file gps.c.

References GpsState::cacc, GpsState::fix, gps, GPS_FIX_NONE, gps_impl_init(), and LED_OFF.

Referenced by init_ap(), and main_init().

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