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estimator.c File Reference

State estimate, fusioning sensors. More...

#include <inttypes.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "estimator.h"
#include "mcu_periph/uart.h"
#include "ap_downlink.h"
#include "subsystems/gps.h"
#include "subsystems/nav.h"
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#define NORM_RAD_ANGLE2(x)
#define EstimatorSetSpeedCart(vx, vy, vz)


void estimator_init (void)
void estimator_update_state_gps (void)


float estimator_x
 east position in meters More...
float estimator_y
 north position in meters More...
float estimator_z
 altitude above MSL in meters More...
float estimator_z_dot
float estimator_phi
 roll angle in rad, + = right More...
float estimator_psi
 heading in rad, CW, 0 = N More...
float estimator_theta
 pitch angle in rad, + = up More...
float estimator_p
float estimator_q
float estimator_r
uint16_t estimator_flight_time
 flight time in seconds. More...
float estimator_t
float estimator_hspeed_mod
 module of horizontal ground speed in m/s More...
float estimator_hspeed_dir
 direction of horizontal ground speed in rad (CW/North) More...
float wind_east
float wind_north
float estimator_airspeed
 m/s More...
float estimator_AOA
 angle of attack in rad More...
bool_t alt_kalman_enabled

Detailed Description

State estimate, fusioning sensors.

Definition in file estimator.c.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EstimatorSetSpeedCart (   vx,
{ \
estimator_vx = vx; \
estimator_vy = vy; \
estimator_vz = vz; \

Definition at line 78 of file estimator.c.

#define NORM_RAD_ANGLE2 (   x)
{ \
while (x > 2 * M_PI) x -= 2 * M_PI; \
while (x < 0 ) x += 2 * M_PI; \

Definition at line 72 of file estimator.c.

Function Documentation

void estimator_init ( void  )

Definition at line 85 of file estimator.c.

References estimator_flight_time, EstimatorSetAirspeed, EstimatorSetAlt, EstimatorSetAOA, EstimatorSetAtt, EstimatorSetPosXY, EstimatorSetRate, and EstimatorSetSpeedPol.

Referenced by init_ap().

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Variable Documentation

bool_t alt_kalman_enabled

Definition at line 107 of file estimator.c.

float estimator_airspeed
float estimator_AOA

angle of attack in rad

Definition at line 70 of file estimator.c.

Referenced by h_ctl_pitch_loop().

uint16_t estimator_flight_time

flight time in seconds.

Definition at line 59 of file estimator.c.

Referenced by attitude_loop(), estimator_init(), generic_com_periodic(), gsm_send_report_continue(), monitor_task(), and telecommand_task().

float estimator_hspeed_dir
float estimator_p
float estimator_phi
float estimator_psi

heading in rad, CW, 0 = N

Definition at line 50 of file estimator.c.

Referenced by ahrs_update_fw_estimator(), dc_circle(), dc_info(), dc_periodic_4Hz(), and h_ctl_course_loop().

float estimator_q
float estimator_r

Definition at line 56 of file estimator.c.

Referenced by ahrs_update_fw_estimator(), ArduIMU_event(), and ArduIMU_periodic().

float estimator_t

Definition at line 61 of file estimator.c.

float estimator_theta

pitch angle in rad, + = up

Definition at line 51 of file estimator.c.

Referenced by ahrs_update_fw_estimator(), ArduIMU_event(), ArduIMU_periodic(), cam_target(), h_ctl_pitch_loop(), and IMU_Daten_verarbeiten().