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i2c_periph Struct Reference

#include <i2c.h>

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Data Fields

struct i2c_transactiontrans [I2C_TRANSACTION_QUEUE_LEN]
uint8_t trans_insert_idx
uint8_t trans_extract_idx
enum I2CStatus status
volatile uint8_t idx_buf
void * reg_addr
void * init_struct
uint16_t scl_pin
uint16_t sda_pin
struct i2c_errorserrors

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file i2c.h.

Field Documentation

struct i2c_errors* i2c_periph::errors

Definition at line 66 of file i2c.h.

Referenced by i2c_error(), i2c_event(), and i2c_irq().

void* i2c_periph::init_struct

Definition at line 63 of file i2c.h.

Referenced by i2c_apply_config().

uint16_t i2c_periph::scl_pin

Definition at line 64 of file i2c.h.

Referenced by i2c_hard_reset().

uint16_t i2c_periph::sda_pin

Definition at line 65 of file i2c.h.

Referenced by i2c_hard_reset().

struct i2c_transaction* i2c_periph::trans[I2C_TRANSACTION_QUEUE_LEN]

Definition at line 56 of file i2c.h.

Referenced by abort_and_reset(), i2c_driver_event(), i2c_event(), i2c_irq(), and i2c_submit().

uint8_t i2c_periph::trans_extract_idx
uint8_t i2c_periph::trans_insert_idx

Definition at line 57 of file i2c.h.

Referenced by end_of_transaction(), i2c_event(), i2c_init(), i2c_irq(), and i2c_submit().

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