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imu_crista.h File Reference
#include "subsystems/imu.h"
#include "generated/airframe.h"
#include "subsystems/imu/imu_crista_arch.h"
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#define ADS8344_NB_CHANNELS   8
#define ImuEvent(_gyro_handler, _accel_handler, _mag_handler)
#define ImuMagEvent(_mag_handler)   {}


void imu_crista_arch_init (void)


uint16_t ADS8344_values [ADS8344_NB_CHANNELS]
volatile bool_t ADS8344_available

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ADS8344_NB_CHANNELS   8

Definition at line 30 of file imu_crista.h.

#define ImuEvent (   _gyro_handler,
{ \
imu.gyro_unscaled.p = ADS8344_values[IMU_GYRO_P_CHAN]; \
imu.gyro_unscaled.q = ADS8344_values[IMU_GYRO_Q_CHAN]; \
imu.gyro_unscaled.r = ADS8344_values[IMU_GYRO_R_CHAN]; \
imu.accel_unscaled.x = ADS8344_values[IMU_ACCEL_X_CHAN]; \
imu.accel_unscaled.y = ADS8344_values[IMU_ACCEL_Y_CHAN]; \
imu.accel_unscaled.z = ADS8344_values[IMU_ACCEL_Z_CHAN]; \
/* spare 3, temp 7 */ \
_gyro_handler(); \
_accel_handler(); \
} \
ImuMagEvent(_mag_handler); \
int32_t p
in rad/s^2 with INT32_RATE_FRAC
struct Int32Rates gyro_unscaled
unscaled gyroscope measurements
Definition: imu.h:48
#define FALSE
Definition: imu_chimu.h:141
struct Int32Vect3 accel_unscaled
unscaled accelerometer measurements
Definition: imu.h:49
uint16_t ADS8344_values[ADS8344_NB_CHANNELS]
Definition: ADS8344.c:41
volatile bool_t ADS8344_available
Definition: ADS8344.c:40
#define ImuMagEvent(_mag_handler)
Definition: imu_crista.h:77
int32_t q
in rad/s^2 with INT32_RATE_FRAC
struct Imu imu
global IMU state
Definition: imu_aspirin2.c:50
int32_t r
in rad/s^2 with INT32_RATE_FRAC

Definition at line 34 of file imu_crista.h.

#define ImuMagEvent (   _mag_handler)    {}

Definition at line 77 of file imu_crista.h.

Function Documentation

void imu_crista_arch_init ( void  )

Definition at line 47 of file imu_crista_arch.c.

References ADS8344Unselect, and channel.

Referenced by imu_impl_init().

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Variable Documentation

volatile bool_t ADS8344_available

Definition at line 40 of file ADS8344.c.

Referenced by dma1_c4_irq_handler(), imu_impl_init(), and SPI1_ISR().

uint16_t ADS8344_values[ADS8344_NB_CHANNELS]

Definition at line 41 of file ADS8344.c.

Referenced by dma1_c4_irq_handler(), and read_values().