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ahrs_int_cmpl_quat.h File Reference
#include "subsystems/ahrs.h"
#include "std.h"
#include "math/pprz_algebra_int.h"
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Data Structures

struct  AhrsIntCmpl


void ahrs_update_heading (int32_t heading)
 Update yaw based on a heading measurement. More...
void ahrs_realign_heading (int32_t heading)
 Hard reset yaw to a heading. More...


struct AhrsIntCmpl ahrs_impl

Function Documentation

void ahrs_realign_heading ( int32_t  heading)

Hard reset yaw to a heading.

Doesn't affect the bias. Sets ahrs_impl.heading_aligned to TRUE.

headingHeading in body frame, radians (CW/north) with INT32_ANGLE_FRAC

Definition at line 402 of file ahrs_int_cmpl_quat.c.

References ahrs, ahrs_impl, compute_body_euler_and_rmat_from_quat(), compute_imu_orientation(), AhrsIntCmpl::heading_aligned, INT32_QUAT_COMP_NORM_SHORTEST, INT32_QUAT_INV_COMP_NORM_SHORTEST, INT32_QUAT_NORMALIZE, Ahrs::ltp_to_body_quat, PPRZ_ITRIG_COS, PPRZ_ITRIG_SIN, Int32Quat::qi, QUAT_COPY, Int32Quat::qx, Int32Quat::qy, Int32Quat::qz, and TRUE.

Referenced by ahrs_update_gps().

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void ahrs_update_heading ( int32_t  heading)

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